I would like to offer the following testimonial on behalf of Elise Flagg: I have had the opportunity over the past three decades to have dealt with many real estate agents for the sale and purchase of a home. I recently sold my house in Scarsdale using Elise Flagg as my agent. I can say that unequivocally Elise was the best agent I have ever come across. I feel that Elise embodies what we all could imagine as the perfect agent. It starts with her intrinsic and genuine warm and endearing personality. It continues with her thorough knowledge and command of the field and her total professionalism in all her endeavors. Elise will always be with you for support yet help your sort through the realities of the current difficult economic conditions. Her dedication to her work is unmatched and her perseverance unparalled. She will be committed to being with you every step of the way and ensuring that your sale/purchase will go through and be to your satisfaction. Today's economic situation and housing market situations are frightening. What would be more frightening, though, would be to currently try and sell/purchase a home without the help of such a capable, devoted and sincere individual as Elise- Herb Insel